First Draft of Infographic

I chose Climate Refugee from Nixon’s, “Scenes from the Seabed.” Nixon emphasized that, “the prospect of a climate-driven exodus on that scale constitutes a logistical nightmare and foreshadows an age of insurgent climate refugees on a far more threatening, chaotic scale Climate Refugees are people who are unable to live in their country or homes anymore due to the sudden shift of the natural environment. Due to human pollution and factory production, there are people slowly becoming climate refugees in their own homes. Maldives may soon become one of the first nations whose population are climate refugees. If this does become a reality, the rich stronger countries will need to step in to take action and help protect their country from this endangering climate. The sudden change in the environment can be caused by many factors such as global warming or even natural chaos such as volcano eruptions. The term climate refugees challenge the assumption that the cause of global warming is big corporations or large rich countries fault (even though to a degree it is). It’s actually a worldwide problem that needs to be solved together as a team instead of shifting blame. Maldives president took action to have countries come together and start talking about the issue of global warming at hand.


Noor Zahid

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