Jan 17. Infographic W/S

Featured Image: Muir Glacier Left. 1891, Right. 2005 


Three Key Ideas from last class
Take a few minutes and write down three key terms, ideas, or images we discussed during class on Thursday, Jan 12. Also, read through the Infographic Assignment.

Activity I: Freewrite

Freewrite in response to the following prompt for 5-8 minutes without stopping:
Choose a key term from either Nixon or Alaimo and briefly describe or make note of the passage in which you found it. What does the term mean in the context of the article and/or in general? What sorts of assumptions does the term challenge?


Activity II: Analysis

Read over the Infographics below. As you read, consider some of the following questions:

  • Who is the audience for these graphics? What main claims do they make? What are some key terms? Is one graphic more successful than the others, why or why not?
  • What do graphics accomplish that expository arguments or literary works cannot? What’s gained and what’s lost in the rendering of an idea or set of arguments?
  • What design choices can you adapt from the graphics below to your project?

Activity IV: Making Graphics with Piktochart

While there are many great graphics makers available online, and you can make graphics in Google Presentations and PowerPoint, Piktochart has a wide range of options and can be embedded in WP pages. As a result, Piktochart is a great point of entry into infographic writing.

Go to

Piktochart and complete the following:

  • 1. Sign-up for a free account
  • 2. Play around with the tool: What icons/colors best depict your idea? What
For Tuesday, January 24
  • 1.Read Alaimo’s “Transcorporeality.” The discussion questions are up. Also, please note the first quiz has been moved back to Jan 24 at the beginning of class.
  • 2.Workshop on Domain and building a website, so bring your computers.

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