24 Jan. W/S & Carson 1

Featured Image: New Athos Cave, Georgia



Activity I. Quiz

Quiz 1
I’ll pass around the quizzes and then you will have 20 mins to complete them. All the questions are short answer. Your answers do not need to be incomplete sentences, and you do not need to include direct citations from the text.

Digital Publication

Activity II. Infographic Workshop

Get into pairs or groups of three, review your peers’ graphic drafts, and respond to the questions below in the comments section of their posts:
  • 1. What term did your peer choose and how does s/he define it?
  • 2. How does your peer balance texts and images?
  • 3. What suggestions can you make to your peer to help them develop this draft into the final draft?

    For instance, does your peer plan to include a panel that shows ways the term may apply more broadly? Or, perhaps you may suggest ways the term challenges less successful ways of thinking about the ocean and/or environment.

Activity III. Discussion 

Rachel Carson, “The Marginal World”
  • 1.Who do you think Carson wrote this book for? What genre is this book? What are Carson’s goals as you understand them?
  • 2.What are some examples of invisible life that Carson catalogues in her opening chapter?
  • 3.Why/how does Carson intersperse her own experience, i.e. personal narrative writing, into the description of the forms of life where the shoreline meets the sea?
  • 4..What connects she make in this first chapter between terrestrial life and oceanic life? Why do you think its important for her to make these connections?

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