16 Feb. During & After

Housekeeping: Changes to final paper workshop, 1

Next Tuesday is the final day of workshop for the Place Essay, and I would prefer to hold individual 20 minute meetings in my office instead of a regular class session. If you are all OK with the change, and i order to schedule you all, I am sending around a sign-up sheet with available times.

Discussion, Elizabeth Kolbert “The Sea Around Us” (111-125)

  • 1. How do the waters around Castello Aragones “provide a near perfect preview of what lies ahead” (114)?
  • 2. According the scientists Kolbert interviews, what does lie ahead?
  • 3. So what?
  • 4. What techniques for describing the future can you borrow from Kolbert to use in your own descriptive essays?

Freewrite: Imagining the Future

  • 1. Describe the scene captured by the image below.
  • 2. Describe life in a world where America’s coastal cities are underwater. 

Part II: Workshop

Get into pairs, read one another’s drafts, and respond to the worksheet I passed around. The peer review w/s is reproduced below:

Download (PDF, 23KB)

Final W/S, Next Class

  • Open to your draft on your computer, and then move from computer to computer and read your peers’ drafts
  • After you read the draft, 1. Explain the threat that threatens the authors’ place, and 2. Suggest one concrete detail the for the author to include


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