Assignment Value Description
Blog Posts
15% Series of posts written in response to assigned prompts that function as drafts and invention exercises
Reading Quizzes 15% Periodic quizzes over the course of the semester designed to help you retain and organize information from the reading that you will develop in the writing assignments.
Infographic 10% The goal of this design project is to render a topic drawn from the first set of readings in visual iconography. You’ll publish your visual rendering to your sites with a short reflection.
Place Essay 15% A 1,500-2,000-word first person essay that incorporates key terms and concepts drawn from in-class reading with your personal experience, published to a static web page and developed through images/page design.
Literary Analysis 20% A 5-6 word argument driven literary analysis essay developed through close analysis of The Drowned World and a secondary essay of your choice, published to a static web page as an embedded .pdf or .doc 
Presentation 15% A 10-15×30 slideshare presentation in which you make an argument or draw attention to an ocean ecology and Treme drawn from both course content and also your own research. For full credit you will convert your presentation into a slideshow with an audio track, and upload it to a static webpage with a short head note and a works cited.
Participation/Attendance 10% Please arrive to class on time, with all reading and writing assignments completed, and then contribute significantly to class discussions and workshops.

Grades Description
A 4.0; A- 3.7 Extremely high quality work, effort, and performance beyond minimum requirements. Excellent attendance and substantial contributions to discussions.
B+ 3.3; B 3.0;B- 2.7 Well-written work that continues to improve. A level of effort and performance beyond minimum requirements. Good attendance and contributions to discussions.
C+ 2.3; C 2.0; C-1.7 Generally competent work and a level of effort that meets course requirements. Regular attendance and contributions to discussions.
D+ 1.3; D 1.0 Work that is uneven in quality or suggests incompetence. Irregular attendance and minimal contributions to discussions.
F 0.0 Incomplete or unacceptable work. No real effort to participate in class discussions. Five or more absences.